June Favs

I don't do favs posts often enough, considering I've got a whole lotta stuff and a whole lotta luff. Living for this NYX Gloss in Sugar Pie - NARS Turkish Delight dupe! Looks, tastes & feels lovely, 12/10 would forcibly ask you to repurchase. My holographic mermaid skin unicorn dreams tears infused Primark bag is better than … Continue reading June Favs

Blooming Great Tea Party

I'm almost certain, you'll recognise the name Marie Curie. If you didn't learn in school about the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, Madame Curie female scientist extraordinaire, you'll surely know all about her namesake charity. If you don't, Marie Curie is a phenomenal charity supporting patients and families through terminal illnesses. The charity … Continue reading Blooming Great Tea Party