Technic Colour Fix – Review & Swatches

I love makeup! Can't get enough of the stuff  I tell ya! My drawers might already be collapsing under the weight of all the makeup products I own, but that doesn't deter me from getting any more (obvs). This one is TOTALLY justified, as it's another #carnlival treat WOO. After eyebrow products, my next can't … Continue reading Technic Colour Fix – Review & Swatches

Summer Essentials with CarnLival

If you don't know what CarnLival is...IMMATELLYOU. It's a super fit bloggers event in Liverpool, for bloggers by bloggers (I'll link the organisers down below).  My first CarnLival was at the beginning of July, the theme was BIRTHDAY. I'm going to share a few pics from the event, and then(!!) because the lovely hostesses are … Continue reading Summer Essentials with CarnLival

British Style Collective – Highlights

Just over a week ago, our fabulous vibrant city welcomed the best most scouse appropriate event EVER. British Style Collective (the artist formerly known as The Clothes Show) rocked up to the yellow sub lovin' Mersey Coast for a 3 day celebration of all things fashion! We were spoilt rotten, with celeb talks, catwalks, shopping … Continue reading British Style Collective – Highlights