Good Hair Day

I recently attended a cute little event at the GHD counter in John Lewis, Liverpool.

GHD are the GODDESSES of hair styling, I’ve never owned a styler thats served me as well as my trusty GHD’s. I’ve now got two pairs, I have had a wide plate ceramic straightener for over 10 years & they work as good as the day I got them! After going on a mad one last year, and dropping 10 inches off my hair, I needed a new pair to fit my tiny head, so my boyfriend picked me up a limited edition Platinum Styler for my birthday.


The Lilac ones I have aren’t sold anymore – but feast your eyes on the new batch of coloured stylers! The Tropic Sky Styler was designed using technology used on car manufacturing, just to get the fab feather finish dontcha know!?

This image I’ve borrowed from the GHD site, because guess who had a migraine and forgot to take enough pics!!


How fit are they! The Amber Sunrise & Ruby Sunset stylers are easy on the eye too! They’re also easy on the hair, with an updated design to give “more even heat distribution, reduce damage and reduce colour fade to treated hair”.


Look at our fab hair, created by the lovely Natalie our very own Good Hair Day Goddess.

This little dolly is Jess, go say hello!



Can you even COPE with the hair on Kayleigh? You should check her out too, she’s cute <3.

Here are some of the styles you can ask for at the GHD counter, HOW FIT.


GHD don’t just sell electrical items in case you didn’t know. They sell every type of brush you could ever ask for, and some STUN HUNNIN scented hair products.


Thank you to Danielle for inviting me, and also taking some pictures for me. Also thanks to Sarah for being a little cutie, I couldn’t not include her ❤

FYI, all of us extremely floored at the realisation GHD stands for good hair day.


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