Clock Face & Chill?

Nah, doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as Ziferblat & chill now does it?I may not be very good at *actually* getting to them all, but I am always interested in the latest cool AF hangouts available in Liverpool. I mean there is tonnes amirite?? This week though, feeling extra bloggy vibes, I headed to Ziferblat.


Ziferblat is the latest chilled hang out for people looking for super fast wifi and peace to work, home comforts like tea and cake, or traditional feels like vintage sofas and boardgames. If you’re musical, you can tinkle the ivories or play an old record.


I just had to try it out, the whole vibe seemed so *me*. Based on (imo) the best area in Liverpool, The Albert Dock, this cute anti-cafe is dreamy and as far as I know, quite unique. Surrounded by the old architecture of tall pillars and floor to ceiling windows, the shabby chic furniture fits right in.


The general theme, is tucked away and switched off from the outside world, the music is quiet and also it seemed, were the guests. It was very much like going to your Nans house back in the day. Only one rule here! Eat and drink as much as you want, but be sure to tidy up after yourself! Yep, for just 8 pence per minute, you can eat as much toast, cereal, cake and biscuits as you like! If you fancy a hot chocolate with fluffy marshmallows, theres some of that too, or a frothy cappuccino, you can have one (or five) of those as well!


I believe once you stay past four hours, the rest of your stay is free, which actually works out so well. For Β£19.40 you can spend the entire day there, tell me how many cappuccinos would 20 buff get you in Starbucks? Only bad thing I have to say, is they allow dogs inside…and I didn’t even get to see ONE pupper the day I went, absolutely furious (or furry-ous) tbh. Hands in the bucket for a resident Zifer-pup! I’m thinking, a cockapoo, or a golden doodle, or a shichon, maybe a chocolate lab? Retriever? Spaniel? Anything?



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