50% off ELF & BOOHOO Haul

Few words, (besides two for Tuesdays) fill me with as much joy as discount code. That is until someone hits me up with 50% off discount code! My favourite! The dissy is so high it makes me dizzy, and they may as well give me the items for free at that rate. 

Last week I got not one, but two of these modern day love letters pinged into my email account. Follow me…..we should be together, Dissy whispered. Well it went something like that, so naturally, I begun to shop, if you want to know what I bought, here it is!


I’ve had both these products before and loved them both!

Under eye concealer and highlighter. £4.50 (full price).

Illuminating Mist & Set. £5 (full price).

I needed lashes for over Christmas, so I chose these subtle ones.

Everyday Lash Collection. £2 (full price).

I also bought the Studio VIP Eyelash Kit £4.50 (full price) as a gift, I didn’t photograph that set!

Who doesn’t need another eyeshadow palette!? The Endless Eyes 100 Colour Palette is £15 (full price).

As if it wasn’t all cheap enough already, and I got half off!


Who doesn’t need more black ankle boots?

Florence Gold Block Heel £25 (full price).

No such thing as too much blush or too many ruffles!

Faye Ruffle Jumper £20 (full price). 

Christmas jumper alert! Well kind of, its red and I’m wearing it when Santa has been.

Caroline Oversized Dress £18 (full price). 

I also bought a Rachel Velvet Choker & Orla Ribbed Tights
So I bagged myself £102 worth of beauty and fashion goodies for £51! See!! It pays to look for bargains! Swish x


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