Pick ‘n’ Melt 

A couple of weeks back, I answered to a post, for a company looking for bloggers to review some of their goods. I hadn’t heard of Pick ‘n’ Melt before, a cute candle company who were looking for people to review festive wax melts(!). I love wax melts and scented candles, and well it’s December and I’m all about the good life. I knew I had to get involved, and I’m glad I did! Before we get right in, here’s the political stuff: I was sent these items to review for PR purposes, all opinions are my own, and I’m scouse so you better know I am honest AF.

Firstly, when I received my package I was absolutely blown away with just how much I’d been sent – proper loads not even messin’. Not only did I receive a bundle of melts, I recieved a candle burner too (just in time, my fat pug knocked my little one off the table, don’t think she likes Yankee tbh). It came in a lovely striped box, that matches the candy shop style sweet bag that contained all the melts, of course I wanted to run to Woolies immediately to buy £64 worth of pick n mix but *woolies* RIP. I unboxed the burner to check it over, and was so surprised to see it was actually name stamped, and really good quality white ceramic. I also recieved really kind letter from Pick ‘n’ Melt thanking me for getting involved, and letting me know a bit about the company. It was such a nice personal touch and made all the difference, hit me right in the feels for reals.

Included in my package was a little leaflet showing all the available scents, and the options for a monthly subscription package. One of purchase prices start as low as 60p, with the most expensive subscription price being just £12! The cube melts come in bundles of 6 1cm x 1cm cubes, which doesn’t seem like much, but believe me once they start to warm up the scent really does pack a punch. My Christmas bundle contained 8 festive scents:

  • Cocoa & log fire
  • Christmas spice 
  • Frankincense and Myrrh 
  • Festive tree
  • Christmas Time
  • Snow
  • Mistletoe and wine
  • Robin red breast

You can combine the scents to creat your own blend, I am looking forward to trying that out, I didn’t want to do that to begin with so I could get a feel for the scents.

Pick ‘n’ Melt don’t just do festive smells though, you can check them out and buy an array of floral scents, fruity scents or funky. When I say funky, I bet you didn’t expect monkey farts to be a scent did you! No me neither…amaretto or ouzo scented melts anyone!?

A little birdy told me, that on Twitter, you can find some sneaky chances to win with Pick ‘n’ Melt, head over now and get clicking!


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