#VERYDRESSES When the party’s over!?

Last week I was invited to an event with Very! I am almost certain you’ll know already, but Very is the fashionistas life saver, for when you’re a bit skint or in a hurry (Collect± Next Day Delivery *if you know then you know*). Based in their Liverpool HQ, and one of the first of its kind I had to be there. The evening was based around , *PARTY DRESSES* if you’re looking for one, I say you *have* to give Very a chance.

Firstly! Oh Em Geee! The glitter, the sequins, the marabou & feathers! Haven’t seen that much together all in one room since craft play in primary school ’96… HEAVEN. Without a shadow of a doubt, the hosts Alex and Renee, showcased the most stunning collection of dresses that Very are stocking right now (I’ve scoured the website, so I’m certain this is true!).

Is a bloggers event really a bloggers event without free food? These cakes just knocked my socks right off, I spent most of the night asking around if anyone knew who’d supplied the goods because I could have ate 10 (only let myself have 3 though). Speaking of suppliers, local company Prop Me Pretty supplied some ab-fab decorations! Head over to their Twitter to see the gorgeous sparkling selfie wall they set up.  

We were spoilt for choice on where to look that night! The selection of bags and shoes had me feeling very Carrie-esque…. if only all these strangers would stop drinking Prosecco and eating cake in my walk in wardrobe, how rude. Embellished velvet, and full glitter finishes was the order of the night on shoes – Very are bringing a new meaning to Happy Feet this Christmas. As for bags, if it isn’t sparkling and chirping under your arm, it doesn’t have enough (faux!) feathers for Festive Fab 2016. 

Bloggers favourites NYX showed up to the showcase too! I am so excited that Very stock NYX products because seriously, trying to get hold of it sometimes is as difficult as trying to buy a turkey on December the 24th. I think we all need the setting spray in our lives this party season, because we don’t want faces sliding off during a cheeky snog under the mistletoe!

While I was daydreaming about my lust-have party dress, so many thoughts crossed my mind. Dress decision making is hard work – I wondered, where am I going? Who will I see? Who will I see who I don’t like? < very important when picking an outfit, for reals. Anyway, I thought as well, what you gonna do when the party’s over? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – we’re all victims to social media picture sharing! If you wear it once, and it ends up on Facebook, its like you can’t be seen in it again. So I’m talking “8 things to do when the party’s over”.

Imagine you’d bought this dress for your big night out, styled it up all gorj, with a feature sock à la Fearn Cotton, and your gorgeous style is splashed all over the internet, and you get that feeling of, hmm can’t be seen in that again (well not too soon!). Here’s a hand full of things you can do with your special dress! (bag, cuff, shoes)

  1. Hang on to it and wear it for work. There’s a method to the madness girls! Providing your night ended well, your dress will probably hold some funny festive memories. You can relive them one depressing Monday by wearing your party dress! Warm it up with some chunky tights, and smart accessories. *DISCLAIMER* not recommended for McDonalds staff. Check out this trench, it would look lovely with smart flats or heels.

2, If you’re determined to hang on to your investment, but also really want to change it up – get creative! Change the hemline, roll up the sleeves, tuck in the collar, add more sequins or stitch on some patches. If you can do a basic stitch, costume jewellery can be stitched easily to something you want to snazz up. Think outside the box, how about adding a fringe to the shoulders?

3. As simple as it sounds, style it differently for a night out. I don’t mean different shoes, I mean try it on backwards, this works so well with low cut dresses, if you’ve got the kind of back Justin Timberlake likes, spin it round and throw a long necklace on backwards as well for good measure. If you’ve got a floaty skirt on your dress, add another skirt underneath it, tulle works well for volume and texture. Or throw a skirt on top of your dress, it will look like a whole new outfit in no time, come on Cinders say thank you ;-).

4. Wear it of a weekend, in the day! Sparkles aren’t just for a Saturday night you know! I love clashing styles, party and casual collabs are my fav! Party on top, pumping iron down south. Alright that was a crap joke and you couldn’t pump iron in these bad boys, but at least you’d feel funky! This cosy jacket would tone the party look down, and this bag would add a cosy touch, perfect for a mid January Baileys hot chocolate after a day hitting the sales.

5. Come the end of January, we’re all ready to have a fresh start. I say the end because really, January is a wash out. There’s so much left over food and well, the weathers crap, and you failed your diet by 12.01 on New Years Day, and your midnight snog turned out to be a frog. Cheer up, clear your wardrobe, and get a whole new one in time for Valentines Day, by having a Swishing Party. Nope, nothing to do with keys in a bowl, clothes swapping with friends is the new black! Take your party dress and anything else you’re sick of the sight of, including the strawberry Roses nobody has eaten, the half drunk Aldi Irish Cream and them horrific socks you got off your nan, and swap clothes with your mates. No fighting now girls!

6. If you’re feeling generous, donate to charity! It will give you a chance to rifle through everyone else’s Christmas rejections, because its the law, to donate one massive bag of weird socks, dodgy knitted knickers and funky smelling shower gels to charity in January. Get doing good girl, the chazzas are rammed to the rafters in January…any excuse to shop.

7. Well, if you’re not feeling too flush following all the festivities, pop your dress on eBay, I bet some lucky lady will snap it up! You could use the money you make to pay off your Very account! If you’ve already made a New Years Resolution to better manage your money, you can see how I get strict with saving, and what I think of managing a Very credit account here.

8. Or just do what we’re probably all going to do – hang your party dress up ready for next time. You can get it out again, you’ll just have to dodge your snap happy sister from another mister all night, and pray you don’t bump into that frog you kissed after one too many gins…and wines…and bucks fizzes….and…and what was it I was drinking again? 


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