Summer Lovin’

Here in the UK, we don’t really get summer as a season. Just a smattering of unbearably sweaty hot days, interspersed with thunder storms, and sunny blue skies accompanied with a bitterly cold wind. Basically, it’s pot luck and anyones guess what we’re getting one minute to the next. Still, we need to stay fabulous so here is a few bits I am loving this summer!


This fabulous seaweed clay mask from The Body Shop is just lovely! It smells so fresh, and really brightens and cleans the skin. It’s a must have to keep you looking sparkly on no make up days! The other two products are life savers, whether you’re being wind whipped, rain rattled, or getting covered in summer sweat, use these for budge free make up! The primer smooths out any pores, and ensures make up stays on your face, the spray is like a sealant, which I love because I don’t love powders.


Another Body Shop must have, piñata colada body butter. Perfect for when you’re going for cocktails, your body as well as your breath can smell like piña colada. Or ideal for sitting at home and pretending your on a beach, compromise and pretend the rain on the window is wave sounds, lie back and smell like holidays. We have to smell good in summer, so these are my go to summer smells. Chanel Chance eau tendre, and Dolce are both floral scents and I just love them.


In the summer,  I find my hair can be one of two things – to oily or too dry. Obviously with the heat causing general sweatiness, and then the addition of extra lotions such as sun cream getting near the scalp, dry shampoo is a must. Bed Head do this AMAZING “oh beehive” dry shampoo, sold for bargain price in TJ Hughes, it’s super matte and gives the best texture! I tend to wear my hear down a lot more in summer when it’s dry out because rain hair ain’t nobody got time fo dat.  That means more heated tools and fried ends, so I take a break at night and sleep in a head full of oil, my go to this summer has been this purse friendly argan oil from “home and bargain”  (if you know, you know).


If you’re anything like me, even though I’ve been out of education for centuries, the new diary year always starts in August. I’m loving this adorable unicorn diary for keeping on top of important stuff. 99p!! Also, don’t feel candles are for winter because I don’t. There are tonnes of summery smells out there to be enjoyed, and I am loving this Wickford & Co in Summer Party. It’s nice to light it, lie back on top of your bed sheets and enjoy the smell. Best used on the days you can’t go outside because you’d have hair to rival Monica Gellar, who said British summer isn’t fun.


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