James Read fake tan first impression 

I’m a sucker for a good bargain, especially a false tan bargain because I use LOADS. I will be honest, I hadn’t heard of  James Read tanning products until the TJ’s leaflet fell out the Champion, I didn’t give it a second look until my mum called all excited “HAVE YA SEEN THAT TAN, ITS DEAD EXPENSIVE ONLINE!”. So off we went to buy some, and I have to say I am very impressed!

Bronzing Mousse.

Although I was happy with the overall colour when it washed off, it went on looking a little bit green so you couldn’t leave the house in it, that might be why it’s in TJ’s! Tan tends to go green or off colour when it is short on date, I’d be interested to see how it fairs in comparison to a fresh batch. Also it was really quite smelly but that again could be due to the age of it. Anyway, it felt lovely going on a really creamy mouse, it came out a gorgeous colour after washing it off, and there wasn’t a tonne of stains on the bed sheets, and not too much colour washed off, so the bath wasn’t left tan stained either! It actually stayed quite nice, and faded rather evenly too! 8/10

This is the mousse directly after application. *THUMBS UP*

BB gradual tan face/light.

This was just delightful! A really creamy lotion, that smelt like holidays, in a gorgeous light tan colour. Very similar in all aspects of it to the new St Tropez tinted every day lotion. This felt nice and light on my skin, and I haven’t broken out or anything like that, it hasn’t stained the light baby hairs and left a really even colour. The only problem is, is it developed to be quite dark so unless you like a dark face, it’s probably only best used about twice a week. I prefer lighter skin on my face as I find it easier to match the foundation to my neck.

I’d definitely buy them both again, and would love to try more James Read products!


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