Spring Favourites!

So, real life quite quickly got in the way of my intentions to blog, like looooads. BUT I’M BACK! Between problem neighbours, problem health, and other boring stuff, I couldn’t even think of a worthy thing to post. Until today, I thought I would share a few items I have been loving lately.

The People v.s OJ Simpson.

So I religiously followed the American Crime Story production of this story on BBC2, and I was gripped! The entire tale of the OJ trial, is just phenomenal, the amount of flaws, errors and impacting influences is just jaw dropping. So when I seen the book which inspired the show, on sale in Tesco, I had to have it. I haven’t been disappointed at all, it is filled with tonnes more gritty detail than the show was able to.


Yep, still loving colouring in! This little book is from “The Works” shop, and it is filled with a selection of big images to colour, or smaller more finely detailed pictures for you to run away with.



For spring, my go to scent this year has been Lancome La Vie Est Belle. It is just in my opinion delicious. Its warm, soapy, flowery, musty, sexy and just all kinds of lovely. I’m sure anyone who reads this and has smelt it will be thinking that was a terrible description of the scent. What can I say, I don’t have a nose for undertones and overtones and tone tones. Whatever, its gorj!


Skincare – Body Shop

I am loving this range from The Body Shop. Vitamin C is so refreshing and brightening it feels amazing on your skin. I have quite sensitive skin and eyes, and the zesty nature of these products doesn’t fill me with dread! They are so delicate on the skin, and haven’t ever made my eyes water or skin have a reaction at all. The best bit is you can get amazing discounts online and in store. Or you can host a party for even more amazing discounts! Check out this video here for more details on what its like to have a Body Shop Party, and what deals are available.Β https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8Fb-DrB3K0


Skin care – Boots

So I have used a couple of bits from the Botanics range in the past, and I have now gone back to it. I swear by the face wash for keeping my skin clear, it is soapy and strong, but not harsh at all. It bubbles to a lovely lather and you really feel cleansed after use. I like to use this product with my Magnitone Pulsar, to get me squeeky clean. The oil is a new purchase but I am loving it. Oil is great for all skin types even oily (weird right!) putting oil on oily skin can help reduce the over production of oils, or if you apply facial oil and then wipe it off using cotton wool, it sweeps away any excess skin oils with it. This oil for me, is for bedtime use, it is anti aging which is what I need! It is soft and unscented so great on the skin! The last product, the radiance balm is just absolutely gorgeous. It is a moisturizing balm, with a light shimmer to it, that isn’t glittery, and doesn’t make your skin change colour. I love this both alone, and as a make up base for a dewy look.



Thanks for reading xo Swish xo


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