Welcome to Swish My Swag!

I have started this blog, to work alongside my other social networks, sometimes you can’t fit everything you have to say into 140 characters, right?  Swish My Swag can also be found here-




You can contact me via email too – swishmyswag@outlook.com

So today is my one year bloggiversary (30th March 2017), and here I am editing my Welcome page! Most of what I said before still stands, but my blog has evolved, and there’s not a tonne of fashion on my page (but there is a fair bit!). I didn’t realise how much I had to say about everything else, especially about being good to yourself, and those posts are the ones I am most proud of, where I haven’t had a scene to set or too many photos to take, just a post of words from the heart!

The society in which we live today, is all about fast and throw away, from food to fashion, this includes beauty too! I myself have done it, bought a dress and worn it once, casting it aside to back of the wardrobe fashion heaven. I blame social media, it may have its pros but one big fashion conscious con is, once you’ve been seen wearing something once it is a sin to wear it again. Fashion is fast, trends are changing and it is hard to stay current on a budget, whether that be following local fashions, high end trends or whether you dance to the beat of your own heels ;-). That being said, expect a tonne of posts on second hand bargains, and anything else I can find on a budget!

In addition to the fashion and beauty aspect, I would really like to encourage an atmosphere of enthusiasm, kindness, warmth and sisterly behaviour. There is a huge trend right now for calling people out on their looks, their style, their spelling – nothing is off limits. But here it is. Think before you type, you don’t know who is on the other end.

Thank you you for taking the time to read this post! Love and laughs, Swish x

Photo credit: Instagram sukiandthecity I do believe this puggle likes to be noticed, fashionable influencer in her own right.


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