Micro Cell Nail Care Review

I wish I could say I was blessed with nails that grow long, strong, healthy and fit but no, sausage fingers at your service. I've worn acrylics, stick on nails, and all the polishes under the sun on and off for years. I've tried all sorts of treatments to help them grow the way I'd … Continue reading Micro Cell Nail Care Review


Sunkissed Primer & Tan Review

Scouse girls honour to be fake tanned to the heavens at all times (except during midweek prep and prime when we MUST HIBERNATE).Β  Bloggers honour to review everything they ever try for the first time in depth. So here goes - Sunkissed Primer/Remover and self tan mousse. Don't @ me, of course I bought it … Continue reading Sunkissed Primer & Tan Review