Festive Furry Friends with Wilko

ย I absolutely adore Christmas, and I just worship dogs, so come this time of year, you better believe I'm not excluding the four legged furry family members from the festivities. Dogs can be messy fickle little friends though can't they? If you're a dog owner you'll know what I mean, how many toys have your … Continue reading Festive Furry Friends with Wilko


Freshly Baked Tropical Trio Tan Review

Scouse Birds Honourย โ„ข to be tantastic at all times! I love my false tans, I've reviewed a tonne over time for my blog, so when Superdrug offered me the chance to receive these bad boys for review, I jumped at the chance! This post is not sponsored though it does contain an affiliate link (a … Continue reading Freshly Baked Tropical Trio Tan Review

Technic Strobe Kit vs Sleek Solstice

I love my Sleek Solstice palette, and I'm certain it's a favourite among bloggers. The highlights are SoOoOoOo effing pigmented none of us can even, you know!? It comes in rose gold packaging (ermergerd!), with four colours a mixture of baked, cream and powder highlights. Though Sleek is cruelty free, some of their products (including … Continue reading Technic Strobe Kit vs Sleek Solstice

White Bar at The Radisson – Afternoon Tea

After a particular dodgy dalliance with the afternoon tea service at The Hilton, my friend thought for my birthday I might appreciate a better experience somewhere else. She said the pressure was on to impress because I'm a blogger, and I'd be vocal in my opinion if I liked (or disliked! something. She certainly took … Continue reading White Bar at The Radisson – Afternoon Tea